What cake flavour should I choose for my Wedding cake?

These days the tradition of having fruit cake for your Wedding cake is long gone! Bride and Grooms are enjoying the option to have more unusual flavours for their cake and we encourage our couples to choose a variety of flavours so that there’s lots of choice for their guests.

The most popular cake flavours still remain vanilla, chocolate and lemon and it’s always good to include firm favourites in your Wedding cake, however our couples also like to add in a couple of more interesting flavours such as Bakewell tart, red velvet and white chocolate and raspberry.

We are passionate about great tasting cakes and being able to offer a large selection to choose from as we think it’s better to have too many to choose from than not enough! As you are designing your perfect Wedding cake we think as much time should be taken to choose the flavours as well as the look – your Wedding cake should be as exciting to eat as it is to look at!

If your Wedding cake is an addition to a dessert we suggest choosing flavours which aren’t the same – for example if you are having a chocolate dessert for your Wedding breakfast maybe refrain from choosing chocolate based cakes.

The final style of your Wedding cake can also influence your flavour choices. If you’re opting for a naked/semi naked wedding cake the different coloured sponges can look really fabulous, or if you’d like a modern drip cake then chocolate/white chocolate based flavours may be best. With our iced cakes our sponges are covered with a layer of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate ganache depending on the flavour selection which also adds to the taste!

Our advice is to choose the flavours you both really love as it’s your Wedding cake after all! If you choose at least one of the guaranteed popular flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and lemon, plus an unusual cake flavour, we’re certain your guests will not be disappointed with the selection available!

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