Some of our favourite & unusual cakes!

We love creating out of the ordinary cakes for our clients and we have had the privilege of making some really fabulous cakes for our clients.

One of my favourites was when I was asked to make a 3d horse head cake for a 50th birthday party. The most difficult part was to make sure I got the face shape correct as the cake was based on one of the recipient’s horses. The actual cake began as 12 layers of 6” chocolate cakes stacked as 2 towers of 6, filled and covered with chocolate butter cream. These were then carved and shaped to make the neck and face of the horse and then covered with chocolate ganache to create a smooth base and chilled to make it stable. This was the most important stage as the cake has to be the correct shape before being iced and decorated. The definition of the facial features was created using pieces of icing before the cake was covered in black icing. The part I enjoy most with 3d cakes is seeing the final cake slowly come together – when the horse head was covered in black icing it really didn’t look like anything but adding in the details really transforms the cake! The details on the ears, eyes and markings on the face really adds character and completes the cake, and I really believe it is this attention to detail on cakes which is very important and makes them really stand out.

Another cake I enjoyed making was a 4 tier Wedding cake with a dragon theme. My Bride and Groom had a copper/rose gold colour scheme and wanted to incorporate this in their cake along with 2 dragons. The copper tier was made from a mixture of rose gold, bronze and copper lustre dusts and was complimented with ivory tiers and ombre dragon scales made using the same colour palette. The coat of arms was completely handmade with the shield being hand cut and the details hand piped and then hand painted. The most enjoyable part of making this cake was definitely the two dragons as they turned out exactly as I’d hoped! I wanted them to look quite realistic and not cartoon like so I put lots of details on their faces and added lots of scales. I also coloured them to compliment the main cake and made them quite large so that they would stand out. I really enjoy making custom cake decorations and especially like it when couples choose more unusual designs for their Wedding cake!

A recent cake which was quite a challenge was a 3d replica of Lewis Hamilton’s helmet. Helmets are quite a difficult shape to get right and it also needs to look like a helmet from all directions. It was made from layers of 6” cakes plus a sphere cake and then carved to get the final shape.

Once the cake was chilled I covered the whole cake in white icing and decided to hand painted all the details – this was another difficult part as it all has to match on either side! I marked out the main details and painted the largest parts first, and used royal icing to do the finishing touches and writing. It took quite a lot of patience as the painting had to be done in layers and sections, but I was really pleased with how it all came together!

I love being asked to create more unusual cakes as they are a real challenge and look really great when finished – clients can’t always picture how the cake will turn out either so it’s fantastic when the final cake exceeds their expectations!

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