How much will my Wedding cake cost?

The cost of your Wedding cake depends on a variety of factors – size, shape, coverage, flavour and design. When searching for Wedding cake quotes it is best to have this information available for your Wedding cake designer, or to book a consultation to go through these different options.

We offer 3 different styles – naked/semi naked, buttercream/ganache or fully iced. Some cake designers will only offer one of these styles, some will offer a mixture and it is best to find someone who already creates the style you’re after. Generally speaking naked cakes will be cheaper than iced cakes as there are less ingredients and less time taken to cover the cakes, however the final price will always depend on the final decoration and design.

The amount of guests you’d like your Wedding cake to feed will determine your cake size, however the shape and design of your cake may also affect the size. For example your design may need to include deep/shallow tiers or you may want to have a square/hexagon shaped cake. Square/hexagon/petal shaped cakes will generally cost more than a round cake as they will yield more portions and also take longer to cover.

If you don’t need to feed many guests but you’d like a 3+ tiered cake a selection of cake dummies can be used, or if you do need to feed a lot of guests but don’t want your cake be more than 3 tiers you can have separate, un iced cakes made to increase the portion count which won’t be displayed. It is always best to discuss these options with your cake designer as they can help keep your Wedding cake within budget without having to compromise on the design you’d like.

The coverage and flavour of your cakes will also influence the final price and design possibilities. For example, if you’d definitely like fruit cakes these are best iced or if you are having your Wedding in the summer months ganache/chocolate based cakes may not be the most stable option. Again this information is very important for your cake designer as they can advise what may or may not work and can suggest alternatives for you.

The biggest factor to consider for the cost of your Wedding cake is the design. If you would like a large floral piece on your cake or lots of handmade decorations/figurines this will increase the price as these take a lot of time to make and are very specialised. Other time consuming designs are carved cakes, half and half cake designs, intricate piping details and ruffles.

If you are working to a budget but would like to include these designs and decorations it is best to ask your cake designer to include these elements but maybe on a smaller scale – one large sugar flower or one simple row of piping can still look really beautiful.

Regarding sugar flowers I like to offer my couples 2 different styles – 3d flowers of 2d flowers. They both look gorgeous on Wedding cakes and can create some fabulous floral designs, however the 2d flowers are a fraction of the price compared to 3d flowers so are more suitable to couples on a budget.

The best place to start with trying to work out how much your Wedding cake will cost is to have an idea of what style of cake you’d like and what size you’ll need and contact your cake designer with this information for a starting price. Personally I like to know if my couple has a budget in mind because then I know what suitable suggestions to make and can adapt the design around this. Designing your Wedding cake should be a really fun and exciting time and it is always best to discuss all options thoroughly and to be open to suggestions as you will most likely receive a Wedding cake way beyond your imagination and expectation!

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