We love creating personalised and unusual cakes and have created a huge range of designs for our clients. Every cake decoration and cake topper is hand made to order and every 3d cake is hand carved, providing an exceptional bespoke service. We believe the small details are extremely important and will work with you to ensure your cake is exactly as you imagined!

“The cake was AMAZING! I am in love with your marble cake and the butter cream was divine. My dad really loved his fruit cake and everyone was a very happy bunny! Thank you so much!”

“Pollie did my son an amazing Star Wars cake. Everybody loved it and the flavours were just gorgeous. Would definitely recommend and will most definitely be back again”

“Just had my little boys christening cake done by Pollie… HIGHLY recommend it was lush and my grandma (the queen of fruit cake and sponge!) thought it was the best cake she ever tasted!! I have to agree!”


Our custom and 3D cakes can be made in any of these delicious flavours listed below:

  • Vanilla Cake filled with vanilla butter cream, homemade jam & white chocolate
  • Chocolate Cake filled with chocolate butter cream & chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate Orange Cake filled with chocolate butter cream & chocolate orange ganache
  • Lemon Cake filled with lemon butter cream, homemade lemon curd & white chocolate
  • Almond Cake filled with homemade raspberry jam, vanilla butter cream & white chocolate
  • Marble vanilla & chocolate cake filled with vanilla butter cream & chocolate ganache
  • Caramel Cake filled with vanilla butter cream , homemade toffee sauce & chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate Fudge cake filled with chocolate butter cream, homemade toffee sauce & chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate cake filled with Nutella butter cream & chocolate ganache


    • All of our cakes are priced individually due their custom designs, however these are some guide line prices. Prices include a round, white or coloured iced cake, name and/5r age, minimal decoration such as stars/hearts/2D flowers, cake board, cake box and ribbon.

    • 6″ cake starts from £50.00
    • 8″ cake starts from £70.00
    • 10″ cake starts from £85.00
    • 12″ cake starts from £110.00

We make hand made, personalised cake toppers – either to place on a cake ordered from ourselves or to add to your own cakes.
Toppers can be anything you can think of – certain characters, objects, a figure of a friend or family member, animals.
Prices are dependent on the size, amount and complexity of the topper and they generally range from £12 – £25+ per item.
3D cakes will generally be quite large as a certain amount of cake is required to get the right shape. The price for these cakes varies greatly so please contact us for a quote with your requirements, however they tend to start from £80+